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article by dr. lekkos

Dr. Apostolos Lekkos was trained in emergency medicine in a conventional way, having earned his medical degree from The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Houston and graduating in the top 5 in his class.  As is the case with so many others that receive conventional Western medical training, he was taught to treat symptoms with drugs and that everybody should fit in some kind of a box that a pill can solve.  He didn’t learn a lot about digging deeper and seeking out the root cause of illness until he was exposed to the world of functional medicine.  Through this training, he learned to look for the core of the problem and not just treat the symptom.

“Symptoms are just red flags that there is a problem,” he stated in a phone interview.  “I went back and got trained in functional medicine and incorporating that way of thinking into my Emergency Room work.”

Through this additional training, he learned treatment modalities that rarely use medication and focus more on lifestyle, diet, and nutritional components through the use of supplements and herbs.  It is because of this training that he is familiar with the ingredients that are used in Bee Panacea.

“I have been using Bee Panacea for a while.  The ingredients in the product are really great; it’s a great blend of things that can positively affect many systems of the body.  For example, it can give you more stamina and stave off fatigue.  Additionally, in can help your body deal with stress.  As we know, stress can kill you.”

“So many of these ingredients are great for so many great things.  For example, to help keep the immune system strong, you have bee pollen, spiriulina, propolis, ginger, reishi mushroom, ginger, royal jelly, chaga, and shilajit.”

“Spiriliuna and chlorella are great detoxifiers whereas cordyceps, schisandra, chaga, reishi, propolis, and ginseng are all great for adrenal and cortisol response.  Maca, goji, and spirulina are great for energy.  Bee Panacea really has some good stuff.”

While he has mostly been using it for himself, “Now that I have met the founder, Monika, and learned more about the product, I will be recommending it to patients.  I have been recommending the individual ingredients that Bee Panacea has but now I can just recommend Bee Panacea itself.  It’s a great product to take by itself or just throw in a smoothie.”

In terms of who he will be recommending it to: “It’s great for somebody who is ill, for sure, or somebody who is already healthy and just wants to stay that way.  It’s a good, well-rounded product; it has everything in there.”