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We are what you might call bee fanatics. We are so grateful to them for all of the amazing things they do for the world. From pollinating our plants and food to providing us with some of the main ingredients of Bee Panacea, these guys have a special place in our hearts.

Did you know that it is estimated that 50%-80% of the world's food supply is directly or indirectly affected by honey bee pollination? That means no bees, no food. When we began to hear about Colony Collapse Disorder and other population challenges that bees face, we knew we had to act.

Lucky for us a 200 year ban on urban beekeeping in Los Angeles had recently been lifted. We worked with Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich, the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Best Bees Company based in Boston, MA to convert the rooftop of our penthouse suite into a home for 10,000 Italian honey bees!

So imagine, these amazing bees now share our office space with us. Yeah, they are as happy as can be and so are we. They are working their magic, pollinating the area around us for up to a 10-mile radius. They are the friendliest suite mates (as you can see from the picture and we are just so grateful that they have taken to their new home so well.

the live bee cam
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