founder Monika Kozdrowiecka’s Story

Virgin Raw Foods was built on a heritage of locally sourced food at the farm where founder Monika Kozdrowiecka visited her dear grandmother. Growing up in Wroclaw, Poland during communist times, eating locally-grown food was her only option. Little did she know that eating from the farm would become a life-long school of nutrition.

Not only did she work on the farm, pulling up carrots, picking potatoes, onions and strawberries, she was also treated for health ailments in very natural ways. For example, if she had a sore throat, she was given onions with sugar. For an earache, a plant was put into her ear to heal. These combined experiences gave her an appreciation and connection to healthy, fresh food. It developed in her an enduring lifestyle of health, balance and wellness.

At age 24, not knowing a word of English, she came to America by herself with the $40.00 her mother gave her. She immediately fell in love with this country and the freedom she felt – but she also became ill. She set out on a personal mission to heal herself.

THE story of
the story of virgin raw foods and bee panaceA

What started as a personal journey of self-healing turned into the development of VIRGIN RAW FOODS. This process took a great deal of research, countless meetings with herbalists and other medical professionals and travel to over 36 countries from Asia to Europe to South America. Since Monika began taking Bee Panacea, she has never felt healthier. Now she wants to share Bee Panacea with you!

Her mission in life is to:

Love life with passion…

Make life as enriching as possible…


where Virgin Raw Foods is Today

Virgin Raw Foods is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Our mission is to devote our resources and knowledge to create the highest quality products enabling our customers to live healthier and happier lives.

Our flagship product, BEE PANACEA, is sold in over 15 countries and we can be found in iconic Natural Food Stores in California, as well as in major metropolitan cities across the country.

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

Virgin Raw Foods is also on a mission to educate people on the existing phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disorder, which threatens the loss of 1/3 of the foods we enjoy and eat every day. One way we are educating and fighting back against this is by providing a home to 10,000 bees on our Los Angeles rooftop.

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